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The only compote you'll ever need for your Easiyo creations!

This compote recipe is so easy and delicious I makes sure it has a permanent placement in my fridge at home along side the constantly changing flavours of Easiyo yogurts I make!

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Paul's Favorite Malted Granola

This granola recipe is one I picked  many years ago when I was working as a chef and its a perfect pairing for any of our Greek style yoghurts as a healthy breakfast.


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Top secret elderflower cordial recipe revealed!

We’ve finally decided to reveal our family recipe for Elderflower Cordial as we think it makes the best Elderflower Cordial we have ever tasted. As always we are here to help so have included some top tips for you as well.

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The simple 9 step guide to making great EasiYo yoghurt.

Homemade yogurt tastes great, and its manufacture is an easy, satisfying process. It is not all that expensive to buy yogurt, but it is still a good feeling to be eating something delicious that YOU made!

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